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Jak and Daxter OC Pageant

Day 1- A blue armored man walks in, slightly bored. He takes off his helmet and sits in a chair as he clears his throat in front of the speakers.

   1.    Why did you enter the Pageant? What do you hope to achieve by participating in this pageant?

Name’s Michael. I entered the Pageant because yeah… I’m a little cuter than a lot of people think I am, and that’s slightly embarrassing. Plus I think I can fit in with quite a few females being the only male here.

2. Why should you be Miss/Mister OC?

Well… I’m sexy and cute rolled into one package.

3. What is your full name?

I don’t like my full name, rather like the name Mike.

4. What do you think of this name?

I think it’s alright, it’s not bad but I looked up the meaning of it one day and it mentioned something about being “close to the precursors”

5. Would you change your name? What to (if no, pretend you had to)?

I don’t know, maybe I’d change it to Auburn. I kind of like the name.

6. Do you have any nicknames?

7. Do you have any titles?

Yeah, I don’t tend to use those titles though very often. It’s kind of awkward. Otherwise I think Titles seem too formal.
8. When is your birthday and how old are you?

September 15, 1987. I am 27.
9. How is life going for you right now?

My life is usually the same on and off, go to work, go to sleep, get woken up and yelled at in the morning and rinse and repeat. Don’t have a lot of other time to do things when you are fighting a war with others.

10. Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any?
Yes I have face tattoos, two light blue line tattoos going down my face. In the case if I want any other ones? Not really when you are kind of covered already.

11. Describe your physical appearance and outfit in detail. Why did you choose this outfit?

I’m a medium built man, 5’7, yes I know kind of short for a man, cue the laughing. I’m wearing a blue sleeveless shirt showing off my arms. I have blue eyes, and I like my things to match, weirdly enough. I’m wearing my blue boots though.

12. Describe your personality.

Erm… Let’s see.  I’m personally the nicest Freedom guard around, strange but true but get on the wrong side of me, and you’ll regret it.

13. What is something you really want people to know about you, but never had the proper chance to inform them?

I hide the fact that I wish I wasn’t so nice at times.

14. Where were you born, and where do you live now?
I was born in the not-so-good times of Haven City, however finally the city is rebuilding. I live here in the slowly rebuilding city of Haven.

15. What sort of home do you live in (building type: apartment, shack fortress, etc.)?

I live in a small house. Not exactly in the best of shape though.

16. Describe your bedroom/the state of your bedroom.

Wow… this is awkward. The bedroom looks alright but could use some work.

17. Where are you employed?

Freedom League

18. What is your current job? Do you like it?

I get put on guard patrol. It can be humdrum but it puts food on the table and it does some good for the city.

19. What do you think of your employer and coworkers?

You mean Commander Torn? He’s alright. Coworkers can be just as big of yellers. Just part of the job I guess.

20. How did you become employed at your current job?

The freedom guard were looking for ranks for old Krimzon guard.

21. How are you at job interviews?

Depending on the situation I guess. Sometimes having a clash of personality isn’t fun.

22. What is your dream job?
Being a hero someday, getting my ass up and doing something useful for the city.

23. Do you have a favorite color? Food? Possession?
Red’s my favorite color. It matches my fiery passion and mouth sometimes. Food is whatever I can stuff in my mouth at the time. I can’t…really name a possession I own that’s really my favorite.

24. What are a few of your other favorite things?

When I have that rare time off, I love to blab at the bar and drink, perhaps target practice at the gun course

25. What are a few of your least favorite things?
Metal heads, and much more.

26. What are your shortcomings or weaknesses (physically, mentally, and romantically)?

I’m a sucker for woman who push my buttons, I admit it. Physically? I won’t describe that in case anybody’s taking down info.

27. What are your strengths?

I am strong-willed and can fight through a lot.

28. In what way(s) are you proud of yourself?

I had a hard life but I’ve been able to get through it.
29. Do you consider yourself to be intelligent?

I’m intelligent sometimes but I can be a airhead at times.

30. Do you have a code of honor that you live by?
I wish. I can be too nice for my own good.

31. Do people tend to read you wrong or have certain misconceptions about you?
Like I said before, people tend to laugh because I’m too nice sometimes.
32. Are you good at reading people?
I love people watching. It’s a pastime

33. Do you prefer to be alone or in a group?
Being alone is more comfortable

34. Is there something or someone you miss?
I wish there was a time I could see that woman again.

35. What have you accomplished in life so far?

Destroyed Metal Heads

Avoided being Killed.
36. What have you failed at in life so far?

Failing to save people who deserved it, and rescuing those who don’t.

37. What are your vices, or guilty pleasures?

Ohhhhh…. *smirks* Don’t even bring that up

38. Do you have any addictions?


39. Are you mischievous/rebellious/trouble making?

A bit, ok ok I admit it, I am sort of a rebel in a wolf costume.

40. Are you wanted for any crimes?


41. Do you regularly commit crimes?


42. What kind of problems or situations do you usually run into?
The usual punks speaking out against us

43. How do you handle stressful situations?

44. In all honesty, if your city/world was to suddenly be invaded by a massive force (metal heads, dark makers, robots, zombies, etc.), would you be able to survive?

Hell Yeah

45. What are your finances like? Do you value money? Are you good at saving money?
I'm alright when it comes to money. Changes from day to day.
46. Describe your normal/daily routine.
I wake up and throw my guard gear on, do the typical guard shift in the morning, check each sector and get a brew on break and then back to guard duty, including shooting metal heads.

47. Describe your typical weekend plans.
I love to watch the races, betting is fun sometimes when there’s time to kill.

48. What are a few quirks of yours?

Annoying and fiery.

49. What types of music do you enjoy?

Loud Rock and Techno

50. Do you like to dance? Are you good at it?
Not really good at dancing or liking it.
51. How healthy is your self-esteem?
Hard to stay positive when you’re job is to stay alive at all costs.

52. In all honesty, do you like yourself?
I do at times, but I cut myself down a lot.
53. What is your favorite physical attribute?
I think my tattoos make me look sexy.
54. What is your least favorite physical attribute?
I wish I didn’t look so cute.

55. Is there anything, physical or mental, you would like to change about yourself?

If I were more positive and upbeat, I’d probably be dead.

Author’s Corner:

1. How did you come up with the idea for this character?

Inspiration from another one of my characters at one point

2. How similar is this character to you and how do you feel about that?

I feel like if I was a guy, this would be me.
Meet Michael!

Jak and Daxter OC Pageant


Day 1- A blue armored man walks in, slightly bored. He takes off his helmet and sits in a chair as he clears his throat in front of the speakers.


 This is for :iconjakanddaxter-oc-club: Miss/Mr OC Beauty Pageant. 



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